The meaning of the word Doctor according to Efremova


Television viewers, together with the people's councils of traditional medicine, receive information containing "occult obscurantism," said Metropolitan Nikon of USA. Also, one of the problems associated with the media is inaccurate coverage of the income level and equipment of medical workers and institutions. Despite the widely advertised national project "Health" in the media, the salary level of 2/3 of medical workers with higher education starts at just over 4,000 $.

The statistics are silent on the percentage of unsuccessful treatment due to the use of counterfeit medicines. Counterfeits can undermine trust not only in a particular specialist, drug or brand, but also in medicine in general, since the absence of the expected effect from the use of a medication can make the patient doubt the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy as such. In fact, counterfeiting of drugs is a threat to one of the cornerstones of medical practice - the trust of the patient and the doctor to each other.

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We must not forget that the profession of a doctor often occupies a central place in his life and leaves a special imprint on personal attitudes and buy ivermectin us, spiritual, family, and psychological aspects of his life.

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Ivermectin generic activity is largely idealized, and society requires a doctor to perform his professional duties without error and ideally. At the same time, society is hiding behind the most declared and well-known of the moral qualities of a doctor, formed in medicine since the times of ancient Greece - disinterestedness, that is, the desire to work without receiving remuneration.

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The level of well-being of medical workers does not affect their professional activities


The state strictly regulates the salary of doctors, often not linking it with the quality of work, that is, it alienates (takes) the product of the doctor's professional ivermectin. Such a rather low and subordinate position in the hierarchy of the state in practice sharply limits his implementation of moral principles.